BNSF Announces NEW Logistics Center in Hudson, CO

Hudson, CO: BNSF announced that they will be opening a new logistics center in Hudson, Colorado. "Logistics centers offer direct-rail service in multi-customer, multi-commodity business parks. BNSF differs from private business parks by investing directly in the development of the facility to create sites in under-served, strategic, and primarily end-user

A map depicting where the new BNSF logistics center will be located. Photo courtesy BNSF.

markets. When you choose to locate your facility at a BNSF Logistics Center, you'll save 9 months or more of development time with a fully-permitted, shovel-ready site with rail infrastructure-including mainline turnouts, industry common track and inner roads – already in place. These facilities are designed to serve both manifest mixed freight and unit train single commodity customers. By saving significant time and development costs and the convenience of shipping and storing at prime locations of these BNSF logistics centers, you could be reaching new markets in no time."

The new logistics center will take up 430 acres of land. This new location allows BNSF clients to access the rail network easily and quickly, and will offer a more cost-effective route for clients in the greater Denver area. The new logistics center is located right next to Interstate 76 and the busy BNSF mainline. As you can see in the video and photo below, there will be a wide array of different functions for this logistics center and ample room for unit trains and manifests. To learn more about BNSF logistics centers, visit the BNSF website.

Photo and video provided by BNSF.

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