CSX Donates Track to the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation

RAVENNA, KY: The Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation (KSHC) has been donated a gondola load of premade track sections from CSX Transportation. The straight rail sections will be used to reconnect the “wye” to the railcar service shop the group purchased back in October of 2018. The organization bought the retired CSX rail yard with the hopes of relaying

CSX 3440, an ET44AH, was given a decal dedicated to the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation, and named the "Spirit of Ravenna" in honor of the partnership.

track and creating a hub of rail restoration, where the public can see the inner workings of steam preservation. This donation of track allows the group to restore rail service to their shop, and allows for the moving of the C&O 2716 steam locomotive. Once the track is a laid, the 2716 can be safely parked in side the service shop along Nickel Plate Road 587 and out of harms was from the elements. CSX has been supporting the endeavors of this newfound preservation group since early on, with entertaining offers on selling them the land, later following through on the deal, helping move three rail cars purchased from the Indiana Transportation Museum, and now this donation. The sections of rail is just one more way of how CSX is helping preserve railroading history, and work with historical groups to keep history steaming.

For more information on CSX and the KSHC, see Edition 10 of Railroading in America Magazine, releasing in January of 2019.

The map pictured above depicts the KSHC's plans on how they will be using the track donated to them by CSXT.

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