Joe Boardman, Former Amtrak CEO, Has Died

Former Amtrak CEO Joe Boadman seen here during a press conference in front of Amtrak #42. Photo courtesy of Amtrak

Former Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman passed away earlier this morning following a massive stroke two days ago. He was 70 years old. Boardman was in Florida with his family at the time.

Boardman was appointed to Amtrak CEO in August of 2008 for a temporary one year position. Soon after, he announced that his term had been extended indefinitely. During his time at Amtrak, Boardman worked to upgrade the railroad's fleet and to improve reliability in Amtrak service. He also pushed to establish electronic payments for food in lounge cars, along with the implementation of Wi-Fi in railcars.

Under Boardman, Amtrak flourished with record-breaking ridership and revenue. Boardman received the "Railroader of the Year" award in 2014 from Railway Age Magazine. In 2015, Boardman announced he would be stepping down from Amtrak in September of the next year. He named his successor to be Charles "Wick" Moorman. After he stepped down, Amtrak P42 #42, the Honoring Veterans locomotive, was named after him.

Amtrak P42 #42 was named for Boardman shortly after he stepped down. The locomotive is seen here during the 2017 Autumn Express Excursion. Photo by Max Harris

Boardman was known as a passionate railroader and a moral man by his friends and family. He will be missed dearly, and our thoughts go out to his family in this hard time.

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