LIVE STREAM: NC&StL 576’s trip out of the park

Railroading in America Magazine will be live streaming the 576’s move out of Centennial Park on Sunday, Jan. 13. The live stream will be broadcasted on YouTube, and a link will be published to the magazine‘s Facebook, Instagram, Industry Headlines website, and sent out in an email. We hope you can join us and the NSPS for this historic event. Here’s the schedule for the move:

- Monday, Jan. 7: Mammoet moving crews arrive and set up equipment.

- Tuesday, Jan 8: Temporary track installed in front of locomotive

- Thursday/Friday Jan. 10/11: load locomotive and tender onto multi-axle trailers using jacks and gantries.

- Saturday, Jan 12: extra work day for finalizing move of locomotive

- Sunday, Jan 13: roll out of the park at 7 a.m. Move could take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Off load at Nashville and Western.

- Monday, Jan 14: Complete off load

The guidelines the NSPS has set in place to protect everyone during this event can be found at

Railroading in America Magazine wants to remind everyone that respecting the safety boundaries is important for the future of mainline steam and your safety. Always respect local law and safety enforcers at the event.

- We’ll see you trackside...

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