Monon 50 "Decapitated" While in Transit to New Home

Monon 50 - a historic locomotive that was previously resided at the ITM was decapitated while in route to its new home. The 50 is owned by Ken Davenport and was being shipped to

Photo courtesy David Wilkins.

the LERR for use with United Rail. The Driver from STS Trucking has reportedly tried to run from the incident. He was sited for not having permits and for moving the locomotive after dark. The truck driver pulling #50 did not follow the route he was given to ensure a safe trip to the locomotive's new residence in Logansport.

There were no reported injuries minus the cab of the locomotive being completely destroyed. There is chance that a cab from another locomotive may be used to repair the damage but it will be a hard and long hunt to find one and expensive to replace.

Photo courtesy of Richard Roberts.

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