RESTORATION UPDATE: U.S. Sugar Locomotive #148 - Rear Trailing Truck

Steam Operations Corporation has been in the process of restoring an iconic locomotive over the past couple of years - US Sugar Locomotive #148. During the restoration process, SOC has been updating their followers on the progress of the locomotive via social media and

The trailing truck before receiving tires.

has recently announced that the trailing truck for the locomotive just received tires. As stated in their Facebook post, " There’s a rumor that Johnny Cash’s 'Ring of Fire' was playing in the shop but that can not be confirmed..." No. 148 is expected to return to operational service in the near future, and to comply with FRA and Class 1 regulations, the trailing truck has been outfitted with roller bearings.

Steam Operations Corporation is one of the leading restoration companies in the United States, and has been involved with the restoration of dozens of iconic steam locomotives such as Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 #611, and the most iconic piece of American

railroad history: the "Texas."

To effectively apply the tires to the wheelbase, they need to be heated so the metal can expand, which can be picture here. After the metal expands, it is lifted onto the wheelbase and as it cools, the metal attaches itself to the wheelbase.

Here you can see the tires cooling on the wheelbase of No. 148. It also shows the roller bearings the SOC are using in place of friction bearings so the locomotive is compliant with current FRA and Class 1 regulations.

All photos are courtesy of Steam Operations Corporation.

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