TEXRail and the Government Shutdown: How is the Commuter Rail Line Effected?

The partial shutdown of the government has many government agencies scrambled

temporarily. TEXRail, a commuter rail line in Fort Worth, Texas, may not be able to operate to its full capacity on Saturday, its scheduled opening day.

The rail line from downtown Fort Worth to DFW International Airport needs Federal Railroad Administration certification for a junction near downtown where the commuter railroad meets BNSF and UP lines. TEXRail's parent organization, Trinity Metro, is unsure when certification will be available to TEXRail.

Most of the line has been certified by the FRA and will be able to operate as scheduled when service starts on Saturday, but trains can't run to the downtown Fort Worth station without

certification of the junction.

Trinity Metro president Paul Ballard has his fingers crossed because the skeleton staff still working at the FRA should be able to handle the certification.

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