Watertown to Receive Turntable from Atlanta - a CSX Donation

The city of Watertown is expecting to receive a turntable for railroad operations and groups such as the Nashville Steam Preservation Society to use. This feat will be a great addition to the Waterville and will allow them to be one of the very few cities in the country that own

operational turntables to turn historic and modern locomotives on. The CSX railroad donated the turntable, and the cost to relocate it to Watertown was roughly $65,000. It will cost roughly $300,000 to $500,000 to install the turntable in its permanent location. The turntable is expected to arrive Friday and will be temporarily stationed at Three Folks Community Park. Mayor Mike Jennings of Watertown says that it will be a "great thing for Watertown."

A somewhat-related project will also commence on January 13th when the Nashville Steam Preservation Society plans to move the #576 locomotive from Centennial Park to the Nashville and Western Railway to start restoring their time machine. 576's restoration is expected to cost about $2 million. The 576's restoration can be followed closely on Industry Headlines as all updates will be posted as they roll in.

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